Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Just give me 15 minutes...

Dave has a half hour in the morning before he has to leave.  Technically, this is his time to do what he wishes with - maybe he will have some breakfast, read the newspaper, maybe he'll cruise the internet before he starts work.

I asked him what he does wih this hallowed half hour.

"Ah, I just start work early"


That is half an hour of pure GOLD DUST, my friend!

When I told him this, he kind of just rolled his eyes and looked at me funny.

I looked back at him perplexed.

I am about to spend TEN HOURS holding a baby and doing everything one-handed, including going to the toilet and cutting cheese.

I'm generous.  I told him, I didn't even want the half hour.

Just give me 15 minutes...

In 15 minutes I will:

  • Find something to wear which is not yesterdays clothes/leggings I've slept in for 3 days
  • Shower
  • DRY my hair instead of letting it dry in that horrible frizzy/wavy shape it otherwise dries into. Or at least the fringe.
  • Pee. Alone
  • Eat the only meal I'm getting until 9pm (if I can be bothered to make a meal by then)
  • THINK. 
  • Clean up a little in preparation for the onslaught of crazy baby mess.
  • Check my emails - maybe I won't miss anything important this week if I can just get 5 minutes to CHECK MY DAMN EMAILS!!
  • Take out the massive pile of rubbish which is taking over my kitchen
  • Let the dog pee - it takes me ages to get to the actual point of being able to take the baby out, to get him dressed, pulled the pram out of the car/located the baby sling and found those tiny little baby socks!
  • Find a pair of my own damned socks!
  • Maybe even have a cup of tea... (I can dream, right?)
Never underestimate the power of a good 15 minutes of baby-free freedom!

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