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Win A Signed Copy Of Tutti Frutti by Bompas and Parr!

All the better for smiling with, my dear!
I went to the dentist last year with a horrible pain in my tooth. Now, I've always been extremely lucky with my teeth, only having had ONE filling in my entire life! Not bad, eh?

So, I was a bit gutted when I found myself on the end of the telephone to a sympathetic receptionist who suggested that I pay the extra money for the emergency appointment, while I grimaced through some pretty head-tingling toothache.

I was imagining all sorts; root canals, abcesses, antibiotics and endless sleepless nights until I could complete treatment, which would no doubt take weeks to complete.

'Come straight down, the dentist will see you right away'


I steeled myself while in the waiting room, fearing the worst. My tongue ran back and forth over the tooth in question. I was certain I could feel a hole. And there was definite swelling. Maybe I could even feel the pain right under the tooth...

'Take a seat, Mrs Millar'

I lay back in the chair and opened wide after pointing out the source of my pain.

Two x-rays and a thorough check-up later, the dentist asked me to sit up.

'Well, your teeth are certainly in very good condition - there's nothing wrong at all. No holes, no infection, certainly no sign of anything untoward. Have you been eating anything cold lately?'

Turns out I have sensitive teeth. He explained that nerve pain was sometimes set off by cold or sweet things and that although there were no holes in my teeth, there was erosion of the enamel, meaning that sometimes a nerve caught the brunt of the cold.

All he could do was to recommend that I buy some sensitive teeth toothpaste on the way home and work on the pain with that!

I couldn't believe it - I'd never had pain like that ever. And I never have again - I bought some sensitive teeth toothpaste on the way home and after using it over a few days, the pain subsided completely. To say I was relieved was an understatement, but it was definitely not something I had ever considered before!

From then on I've been a bit funny about eating ice-cream at all. There's nothing like the memory of pain to stop you from enjoying what you once took for granted!

However, I find that by using a sensitive tooth toothpaste,  that I don't have to worry too much - it really does help!

Then I read that it doesn't necessarily have to be ice-cream or cold things that can cause sensitivity - oh no!

 And this is where my latest giveaway comes in!

Contemporary British architectural foodsmiths, Bompas & Parr, have created their most daring dessert yet; the world’s most sensitising ice cream.

Tasked with creating the ultimate challenge for Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™, the culinary explorers created a tooth tingling ice cream invention to put Colgate’s protective powers against tooth sensitivity to the test.

I think it's crazy and am not overly keen to put my poor teeth anywhere near it, but it is rather interesting to see just how many things can set off sensitivity!

Almost half of the UK population (47 per cent) suffer from tooth sensitivity*. Bompas & Parr’s flavoursome invention has packed in some of the most common triggers for sensitive teeth including punchy peppermint, cooling erythritol, raspberry chilli ripple and a szechuan button – a yellow flower bud that delivers the ultimate tingling sensation, which all combined, put the toothpaste to its sternest test yet.

Why not challenge yourself with one of their recipes?

Elderflower and Violet Frozen Fizz

Bompas & Parr say: “Here’s how to create a fizzy, frozen delight; carefully lay a well-shaken fizzy drink down in the freezer,
and rescue it before it freezes solid. Hey presto - your cool, mildly acidic cordial has become a super-chilled sorbet!”
Why not take the challenge, and try this for yourself!

(Serves 2)
80ml Elderflower cordial
8ml Violet syrup
8ml Lemon juice
400ml Soda water
Empty plastic bottles (500ml

Take the Challenge
1. Combine the ingredients, then pour into bottles and seal the caps tightly.
2. Now shake them like a Polaroid, then lay them down in the freezer and leave
for 2 hours maximum, making sure not to agitate them at all. After the given
time, the liquid should be slushy. 3. Remove the bottles extremely carefully and
pour into pre-chilled glasses or dishes. The liquid should freeze as it’s poured
into the glass.

As part of the development of the inventive ice cream, an independent study of 2,000 adults found that one in three (33 per cent) sensitive teeth suffers will eat on just one side of their mouth in order to avoid the pain of sensitive teeth, with nearly seven in ten (68 per cent) admitting that they failed to report the problem to their dentist. Like me!

Of course, this is not the only cool (geddit!?) thing Bompas and Parr have done of late.  Oh no!

Their latest recipe book, Tutti Frutti  is full of all kinds of amazing and colourful ideas to liven up your tastebuds and show off at parties.  

Particular recipes that caught my eye were Carnival Punch, a 'quick and dirty party drink', and Fruit Ice Lollies, which come with an educational intro on the healing properties and importance of the tongue.

The whole book is a mish-mash of colourful and exciting ideas which stimulate creativity in all of us and all of the recipes and ideas (like ballon pinatas for your pets!) alongside some pretty spectacular creative photography, create a sensual and luxurious reading experience.

There's nothing I love more than a cool recipe - something a bit different.

To win a signed copy of Bompas and Parr's Tutti Frutti, see the Rafflecopter below and let us know - what's the craziest, most outlandish recipe you have in your repertoire?  I'd love to hear it!



  2. I don't really do crazy but I guess courgette soup!

  3. Gnocchi in Chocolate and nlue stilton sauce. (It actually works)

  4. Salad cream and crisp sandwiches

  5. I make some flour less banana pancakes, really they are banana omelettes which doesn't make them sound so appealing!!!!!!

  6. Marmite and Cheese Cakes

  7. Cheese and beet root sandwiches

    Kay Panayi

  8. Vanilla Ice cream with peanut butter, nutella and banana

  9. Rolos in a packet of monster munch :) yummy

  10. Pam Francis Gregory16 September 2014 at 10:39

    Christmas Cake & Baileys

  11. I'm far too conservative - apple and cheesecakes

  12. Sandwich with tomato sauce, toasted.

    Rachel Craig

  13. It's not particularly outlandish but I love Rich Tea biscuit and butter sandwiches!!

  14. beetroot and salad cream sandwiches :) yum :)

  15. cheese and onion crisp sandwich
    (Spencer Broadley)

  16. I love a HP and peanut butter & cheddar sandwich late at night! And before you ask, I'm not pregnant, I'm a bloke!

  17. Chilli Chocolate Cake

  18. Got to be Green pea cheesecake

  19. Feta cheese and stewed apple with rocket as a sandwich filling

  20. Banana and Nutella sandwich?? Hahah!

  21. Chocolate & Strawberry sandwiches with lime juice

  22. French fries with ice cream

  23. salami and spagetti hoops on toast


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