Saturday, 22 March 2014

Hulk Smaaaash!

In the car on the way home from school/ work/nursery,  I asked Tom how his day was.
'Quite good' he says, thoughtfully,  'but I had a bit of a bad time at lunchtime'
'How come, honey?'
'Well Harry, Sophie, Mckenzie and Hamish are not my friends anymore. They were hurting me and mean to me and I was mad.'
'Oh no! Why were they mean pal? What happened?'
'Its ok mum, I just did a big shout like that "aaaaaaaahhhhrrrrrgggghhh!" And then I turned into the Incredible Hulk and shouted "you're not my FRIENNND!"'

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' Oh, did they think it was funny when you did that?' I asked, giggling slightly at my wee boy's wide-eyed and wholly innocent interpretation of what we have told him to do, which is to stand up for himself a bit more. We didn't say anything about unleashing the green guy.

'Yes they were laughing but I was too angry and annoyed so I was hulking in the corner. Oh but mum, it was all good at gym time. Something good happened!' he smiles a sweet smile.
'Mckenzie came back to love!'
'Aww, ha ha, that's nice!'
'Mckenzie came back to love for me and she's my girlfriend again now.'
He does some cute shrugging of the shoulders.

'Oh and then, at after school club, Sophie came back to love again. So now I have THREE girlfriends!'
'Yes, Evie too!'

Pause.  Silence. He fiddles with the zip on his coat.

'But I don't know which one to marry!'

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Then he studiously gazes out of the window, thoughtful as hell.

Hulk problems.

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