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Nickelodeon Land at Blackpool Pleasure Beach: An Amazing Day Out (part 2)

If you missed it, find the first instalment of our trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach by clicking the link HERE

Nickelodeon Land
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
The kids had a blast at Nickelodeon land.  They've been watching Nick Jnr on Tv for weeks now, and every time the advert comes on for Pleasure Beach and all the rides, they go crazy!

It was great for them to finally get to go to the place they've been lusting after all this time!

Nickelodeon Land was completed and opened in 2011 after the closure of Beaver Creek in 2010 in order to modernise the children's ride area.

Initially I was very sceptical - I grew up with Beaver Creek and I am not a huge fan of big brand commercialisation as far as children's stuff is concerned.  I was also worried about two of my favourite woodies - The Rollercoaster and The Zipper Dipper.  What would happen to them?  I needn't have feared though - both coasters have been refurbished (albeit in some pretty garish colours!) and restored and, importantly, incorporated into the new re-theme, which has given them both a new lease of life, thankfully.

The Rollercoaster in it's new guise as Nickelodeon Streak in sunny orange!

The Zipper Dipper, now renamed the Blue Flyer - still running beautifully
Both coasters are what I like to class as 'bridging coasters' - namely because these are the coasters that I grew up riding and the ones that got me into my whole theme park geekery.

I used to ride the Zipper Dipper so often, that the man knew my name (and often gave me a 'one last ride' very sneakily at the end of my tickets).  When I was wee, there was nothing more thrilling.  Until I was finally tall enough to get aboard The Rollercoaster!

I revelled in taking my boys on The Blue Flyer this year - they were both big enough.  Ethan even put his hands in the air!

Waiting at the air gates!

The look of contentment!

Ethan's first rollercoaster - he's still working it all out

Hands in the air!
It was so exciting!  That smell too - there's nothing like the smell of rollercoaster grease!

Next on the cards?  The Dora The Explorer ride, a fairly chilled, non-threatening mini covered boat ride which explores the world while playing some pretty annoying music.

Typical Dora stuff, you know?

For some reason, despite the inoffensive and completely boring nature of this ride (it's slow - and did I mention the SONG?) and the fact that actually, it's a pretty cute little pretty kind of ride, there was nothing we could do to convince Ethan.

He was terrified.

Pretty butterfly wall

I don't wanna!

No!  Don't make me look at it!

Hey, Ethan! You like happy sunny sunshine?

No!  Don't make me look!

But we are all so happy and friendly!

I don't trust you, creepy panda guy!
I can't explain it.  This is the same boy who giggled like a lunatic during the Diego Balloon ride (which spin FAST!)

And he quite happily spoke to, hugged and danced with UNKNOWN PEOPLE IN COSTUMES!!!

Hell, he'll even kiss a dead guy...

I have no idea why he didn't like Dora though!

Nick Land was awesome and we did spend the majority of our time here.  The Speedy Pass allowed me or Dave to nip off and do the bigger rides, like Infusion and The Big One which was amazing.

I'd been waiting all year for my ride on The Big One, and on that gloriously sunny day, she did not disappoint!  I would love to partake in September in the Walk The Big One event that Pleasure Beach are hosting.  It's definitely on my to do list! 

In my list of favourite man-made creations, the Big One is top!  She was a smooth and powerful beast on this day and the sunshine just made that first dive more enjoyable.  I've been on so often, that I know every dip and curve of the track - and I always pose for the on-ride camera!

Back at Nick land, the kids were flying through the rides.  They loved the Wonderpets ride that bounced gently up and down, and which they could ride on their own

And the Pirate Boats were Ethan's favourites - going forwards and backwards quite quickly, he was desperate for lots of repeat rides!

 The Spongebob Submarine Ride was high on the boys' list too!

And the Fairy Taxi Spin which had their own steering wheels and air-powered lifting controls that the kids could use to make the Taxi go up and down at will, were really cool too.

Our Taxi awaits!

Ethan and I in the back

Tom and Dave driving!  Help!

Taxi to the clouds please!
We did venture out of Nick Land in to the surroundng areas - I was keen to see what had changed and what had not.  Sadly, Spongebob's Splash Bash was being repainted today, and my favourite Teacups appeared to be out of commission too (hopefully not forever - I had a pang of fear when I saw them roped off).  I was pleasantly surprised to see that a new Learning Garden has been installed, a lovely, peaceful break from the thrills and spills of the busy park.

Bradley Beaver lives!

How nice!  It was great to see a couple of families with young babies just chilling out in the garden on a day like this.

Infusion was a bit rough today - I'm unsure if it's where I sat on the ride, but my head and neck got completely battered!  I wasn't keen for a repeat experience of this looped rollercoaster today!

 Next was the new Wallace and Gromit ride.  Built as a replacement for Gold Mine, it had a lot to live up to!  The boys were initially a bit worried about going on as it's a dark ride, but once we convinced them it would be fine, they really enjoyed it.  Well, Thomas did - Ethan hid his face the whole way around!  Watch out for the the end - there's a rather, er, LARGE surprise!  Hee hee!  I don't want to say what it is and spoil it for anyone - but Tom cacked his pants and it made me (and him ) laugh a lot at his reaction!

We HAD to go on the Grand Prix.  Just had to.  The queue was very large, as always for this old favourite, but the boys didn't mind - the prospect of driving a real petrol car around a track (albeit with some guidance from an adult) was too much of a lure!  I even saw adults going on this themselves!  

River caves were on our hit list too!  After getting wet on the Rugrats Lost River log flume in Nick Land, we headed straight over to the Caves to get another (smaller) soaking.  River Caves was looking very swish indeed after some much-needed refurbishment, and the original features have been updated and added to with some new ones.

A trip to the water fountains just in time for a display was well-timed.  I'd nipped to the loo and when I came back the boys were even wetter!  Dave was showing them how to duck under the water shoots!  Cheeky daddy!

They were also having some chill time outside Trauma Towers.

 The Chinese Water Maze was good for a wee run around too!  Tom is daft on Mazes and it was hard to stop him from running off and getting lost!  You have to be quick to keep up with these boys!

Eating at The Pleasure Beach is a must - there are so many awesome restaurants and take away joints, all at a reasonable price.  There's a huge variation too - from Oyster Bars with chamapagne, to deals on cream teas and cake at smaller cafes and all-you-can-eat pizza restaurants, you will be spoiled for choice!
We opted for some Pizza, Pasta and Salad at Big Pizza Kitchen on the edge of Nickelodeon Land at Lunchtime - mainly because you can eat as much as you like, the pizza is yummy and the staff are all very friendly.

yum yum yum!

We were knackered by the end of our day - we'd been in the park from 10a.m!  Before we left, Dave and I had met one of our fabulous friends who lives down in Blackpool, and he offered to stay with the kids while we rode something together.

What does it have to be on a sunny day like this?

Well, thank goodness for Speedy Pass!  Straight to the front of another queued out ride!

 Of course, it had to be none other than Valhalla!  It gets you so wet that many often leave it until last.  I've wrung out my t-shirt many a time after riding this, and today was no different!

Another ride recently been done up inside, it was the best I'd ever seen it.  All of the special effects gloriously roared away to the best of their ability, causing the whole boat to 'oooh and aaaah' with delight and fear.  It was amazing.  A Viking's last journey, you are dispatched on the fast-moving boat by staff very quickly and carefully, as they hoover up water from your feet.  The boats are always absolutely soaking when you get in - a sure sign of what's coming.  Everyone wears plastic ponchos which can be bought for £1, but over the years, I have realised how futile it is!  If I'm feeling like I really need one, I'll grab one out of a bin (there are always bins stuffed to the gunnels with discarded ponchos) and reuse it.  I did this time to protect my bag and camera, which it did a good job of, but the rest of me?

A wee bit drookit!

 Our poor friend did a good job of amusing the kids while we were away!  I think he was quite keen to hand them back though!

We couldn't leave without a souveneir.  What I really wanted was a Pleasure Beach hoodie, or a mug.  Something a bit grown-up, y'know?  I love memorabilia.

What did we end up with?

Two Spongebob Squarepants cuddly toys.

Ah, kids!

Ah well - maybe next time!  We'll definitely be making it sooner rather than later.

Thanks for an amazing day Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

*Disclaimer - We were gifted very kindly some wristbands for Blackpool Pleasure Beach in order to check out the park for ourselves.  We were not expected to give a good review and any opinions are my own. I highly recommend this park over any other in the UK!  


  1. Looks like a lot fun :)
    I get it, Dora can be daunting with her somewhat overwhelming glee to take off in parts unknown on adventures with a TALKING backpack, I get it.
    Thanks for sharing via Mommy Monday.

  2. Understand where poor Ethan is coming from - the Valhalla ride made me scream crying as a child. Won;t go anywhere near as an adult!... I totally would have stolen some of those peas from the gardens!!


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