Saturday, 12 April 2014

How I am a Tinfoil Genius and other Easter-related things

Pretty Colours!

Tinfoil is awesome.  Not only does it save your oven from getting all bread-crumby while cooking fish fingers, it also doubles as some pretty cool wrapping paper if you ever find yourself short.

Not that I've ever done that. (hides from various folk who have received gifts from me in tinfoil)

It is also an amazing sculpting tool.  Look at these trees that I made out of tinfoil.

I started with a single sheet and just scrunched it into a shape, adding layers until I got this cute little tree.

Then I decided to make a bigger one.

To make them sit in the pot I sat them in, and then stuffed newspaper around them.  It's important to make your branches as thick as you can so that they hold weight -  layers give it strength.
And now, to decorate:
How To Make Tinfoil Eggs
  • Tinfoil
  • Sellotape
  • A small piece of ribbon
  • Glue
  • Tissue Paper
  • Pens/Glitter for decoration

Start with a strip of tinfoil about the length of a large open book.  The bigger your strip, the larger your egg will be.

Cut this strip into smaller, wide strips.

Then select a piece of ribbon.  Loop it and sellotape the loose ends in the centre of one strip.

Next, scrunch your tinfoil into an egg-shape around the sellotaped piece of ribbon, so you have the beginnings of your decoration.

Keep wrapping the other strips around your egg, tightly, keeping it smooth and egg-shaped as you go.  Soon you'll have a larger egg which we can start sticking tissue paper to. Like this:

I just used UHU stick and tissue paper, which can be quite fiddly.  You can also glue the egg itself if it's too tricky.  Use little bits of ripped tissue, much like paper mache, to cover the egg.
You can layer, use lots of colours, or go for a plain effect - use your imagination.
I used a few different colours here and got a marbled effect.  I love bright colours - and from a distance all of the colours together look so fresh and spring-like. Ahhh!
I also made a wee nest for my chicks out of scraps of wool, wound around a pipe-cleaner net which I fashioned, ad-hoc. Aren't they cute?

Finally, decorate your eggs if you fancy with pen, glitter, sequins - anything. And hang on your tree!

The chicks look happy with their egg tree!  Better add some to the large one. 
I'll get 'cracking'.  Get it?
Sorry, that was an eggstremely bad joke...



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