Monday, 14 April 2014

You give a little love...yarn bomber

My yarn bomb note!

Today I was inspired.  I've recently started to dive into the world of Twitter after years of avoidance, and you know what?

The world is an amazing and fluid place, and when left to their own devices, people are thoughtful, kind, and most of all, just want to connect with others.  And Twitter showcases this brilliantly

And I am finding a wealth of other things people are up to to inspire and help each other out.  Of course I'm following all sorts of amazing people, but nothing sticks out for me more than a bit of spontaneity.

A wee tweet from @craftsonsea detailing her tiny yarn bomb that she decided to do, with a lovely wee motivational message attached really grabbed me.  Click on the link to see her really gorgeous yarn-bomb.

Kate's motivational message!

As someone of a creative and emotional disposition, it appealed; imagine wandering lost one day and coming across such a lovely wee message?  It might change your whole outlook! Or your day! Or even your life!

I decided to follow suit.

Grabbing a ball of yarn, I cut a bit off and attached a note to the end - Never, Never, Never Give Up.  Laminating it with my bestest sellotape attempts to protect the beautiful peacock paper (showy!), I stuffed it into my bag and hoped for an opportune moment throughout the day.

Taking inspiration from Kate at Crafts On Sea, I decided to go for the love-heart - after all, what better gift than love?

Everyone needs more love in their lives.  And until I get better at crochet or knitting, it'll have to do.

I found a space later on in the day at a car park.  I had Ethan in the car with me, so couldn't stray far.  In the middle of the car park, there's a huge hedge like a big, green canvas.  What better place for my bright red yarn-bomb of love?  I wove it delicately around the branches through my car window.

It was thrilling.  What if I was challenged/  What the hell was I going to tell them?  I was in one of those areas where old folk tell you off if your child looks at them funny, or if your skirt is above the lines of decency.  What would they say when I tried to explain that my threading and note-leaving was something I learned off the internets?

I drove off, smile on my lips.  It made me feel very happy inside. Hopefully it makes someone else smile too. 

Why not try it and let me know how you get on?

Imagine an army of us, all leaving messages of love for people to happen upon...

I'm a bit romantic like that.


  1. What a brilliant uplifting and motivating idea! I really want to do this too x

  2. Loving your yarnbomb :) Hope you inspire lots more!

  3. I hope so too Kate! Go for it Emily - you have the power! :)


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