Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Blethering Boys Book Banter: Fancy Fairies

Today's read is one we borrowed from our library.  It's called Encyclopaedia Mythologica: Fairies and Magical Creatures, by Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda.

A huge, book, filled with pop-ups, it's very unlikely to survive for long in a public library - books from the children's department have to be fairly sturdy to last the test of time.

Amazingly, despite being in the library for 4 whole years, this book has survived, completely intact!

Opening it up, I can instantly see why!  What a gorgeous, well-made book.  We borrowed the Encyclopedia Prehistorica version from the library a few weeks back and it too was in fab condition.  Such amazing papercraft and so many beautiful and intricate pop-ups which have some serious 'wow' factor.

For once I wasn't terrified of Sir Hammersmash here popping-up on his own - I could quite happily let him have a nosy without fear! And he was very careful too - this is no flimsy pop-up book.  The paper is nice and thick, and there are even little pockets for the corners of the pop-ups to fold into to keep them safe upon page-turning.

Tom thought the stories of all the different fairies and mythological beings were funny.  They are pitched at just the right level,with nice snippets about the Tooth Fairy, Changelings, Mermaids and Unicorns.  Just enough to hold interest and encourage questions and wondering without bogging the children down with detail or nuance.  Plus the pop-ups obviously hold attention.

The main pop-up on each page is massive and makes everyone go 'ooooohhhh!'

But what is even more bewitching, are the side-pop-ups with extra detail.  It seems impossible that they all fit onto one page, let alone into one book.

It really is such a beautiful book and would make a gorgeous gift as a keepsake to treasure.

It seems they have done a whole range of these books too to satisfy all hungry minds; Gods and Heroes, Sharks and other Sea Creatures,  Dragons and Monsters - all designed to delight and enthrall.  I'm keen to pick them up.  I think the boys would be chuffed to receive any of these as a gift.  I know I would be!

'But fairies are real, aren't they mum?'

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