Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Dirty, Awesome, Dippy, Sexy, Moreish, Chocolate Sauce

Looking for that perfect chocolate dip to accompany you at a BBQ?

Tired of unsatisfying chocolate sauces that leave you sad and unfulfilled?

Look no further.

This Dirty, Awesome, Dippy, Sexy Chocolate Dipping Sauce is set to get you searching for a spoon so you can not only drizzle it over marshmallows and strawberries, but guzzle it up like the stressed-out, chocolate craving individual you are.

Steady on, soldier.  You are but three steps away from creating perfection.

You need:

1 Large(ish) bar of chocolate (light, dark, milk, white, it's up to you; whatever floats your boat)
A  teaspoon of butter
A splash of full-fat milk
A drip of single cream


Set up a bain-marie with a pan and a Pyrex bowl.  Fill pan with water, letting it boil, then cool to a simmer.  Place bowl on top and melt chocolate.  When chocolate has melted, add a splash of milk, a drip of single cream and a good teaspoon of butter. Stir like the chocolate-gorging demon you are.  Watch for the mixture to become glossy and smooth in consistency.

Pour into a bowl and serve straight away before you guzzle it all, you naughty person, you!

Serve with fruit - sumptious strawberries, randy raspberries and brazen blueberries.

Or crisps.  Ready salted.

Alright - come on!  I'm no that classy!  I would be scooping this up with ready salted! Yum!

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