Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Apple Pie That Dreams Are Made Of

Dave is the biggest ever fan of Apple Pie.

So what better time to treat him to a home-made one that on Father's Day?

Well - that's what I'd planned.  But after that smell had wafted around the house and it came out looking all golden and delicious, I couldn't stop him from grabbing a knife and carving it up.

After all - it tastes so much better when just cooked.

He loved it so much he could barely speak.  Then cut himself another slice.  Now there's talk of making custard to go with it.
So, here's my recipe for

The Apple Pie That Dreams Are Made Of



4 Large Granny Smith Apples
140g Caster Sugar
3 tbsps Plain Flour


225g Butter (room temperature)
50g Caster Sugar
2 Medium Eggs
350g Plain Flour


Peel, core and chop up all four apples, placing them in a bowl of water and cover with some kitchen roll to prevent them from browning too much.


 Beat together the butter and caster sugar for the pastry, until they are just bound together and resemble a paste-like mixture.


Add 1 egg and 1 egg yolk - keeping the white separate for glazing the finished pastry before baking.  The end result of this step should be a scrambled-egg like consistency.


Add the flour and beat in bit by bit, until the mixture binds together.  Finish by kneading into a ball, wrapping in clingfilm and sticking it in the fridge to chill for at least 45 mins.


Mix the flour and sugar for the filling together and prepare your chosen pie dish.  Mine is this rather cool vintage Snoopy one (I'm a bit of a fan, don'tcha know?!)

Dry out your apples on some kitchen roll and coat in the flour and sugar mix.


Take your pastry from the fridge, release from clingfilm and cut off a third for the lid.  Set this aside and roll the main body of pastry out on a floured surface until it fits your dish.  Knead it into all the curves and make it all neat and tidy.  Add the apples and set your oven up - 160 degrees should do it.


Roll out the lid, deposit on top of pie and seal the edges, poking holes in to release apple steam from cooking.  Grab your egg white from earlier and give it a short whisk before using a pastry brush to glaze the top.  When glazed, sprinkle with some caster sugar and pop that little baby in the oven.


Keep checking it, but when it looks like this it's ready!  Mmm!  Check out those crusts!  Sprinkle with more caster sugar and serve piping hot - it can't be disputed, it really is the best way!


I hope you enjoy it!

Do you like Apple Pie?  What's your favourite thing to serve it with?  I like ice-cream, but Dave would have nothing less than it swimming in a whole bowl of custard.


  1. That looks glorious Genna. Mmmmmmm!

  2. That pie looks delicious! I love the crust on it. This has been featured as one of my favourites over at Sweet and Savoury Sunday. Stop by, grab a button and link up again with us this week. Have a great day!

  3. Hello Genna,

    This pie looks wonderful, and would love to make soon. I just have a quick question...
    what size pie dish did you use? I am in the U.S., so I will translate into inches since I need to change the measurements of the ingredients, anyway.

    Thank you,



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