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5 Great Days Out For Boisterous Boys

Today we are sharing this featured post on 5 Great Days Out With Boisterous Boys.  Although, I have to say, as the representative female of this household, they're pretty great for Gregarious Girls too!

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With the summer holidays fast approaching, parents of boisterous boys across the country will hastily be making lists of things to do, days out and local attractions to keep the kids occupied while schools out.

However, as boys seem to have boundless energy, finding the right sorts of excursions is essential if you want to ensure that they stay happy, entertained and, most importantly, out of trouble. 

Theme parks

If your boys love a bit of excitement, a trip to a theme park is the perfect way to get their adrenaline pumping and hearts pounding.

With lots of fantastic theme parks across the country, it should be fairly easy to find a location within easy reach of your house, but remember to get there early to take full advantage of the exhilarating rides and theme park nibbles.

Go Ape

With locations across the country, this gravity-defying day out is the perfect choice for any little monkeys with a lot of energy.

Visitors to Go Ape have to negotiate their way around an obstacle course suspended in the forest canopy. Perfect for those who love a bit of aerial acrobatics, though perhaps not suitable if anyone in your family lacks a head for heights. 

Castle Howard

Located in the heart of beautiful North Yorkshire, Castle Howard will make a great day out for your little princes (and occasional tyrants).

The ornate Georgian doors open out onto a palace of grand proportions with the vast gardens offering extra opportunities for exploration and discovery.

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Sherwood Forest

If your boisterous boys have always dreamt of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, a visit to Sherwood Forest will make a great day out.

To make the trip extra fun, hire some bikes and cycle deep into the heart of Robin Hood’s famous forest.

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Ghost walks

Whether you live in Edinburgh, London, Nottingham, Brighton or Cardiff, there’s guaranteed to be a ghost walk somewhere near you.

Educational, exciting and loads of fun, ghost walks may involve staying up a little past bedtime, but the experience, and the memories, are well worth it.

With plenty going on across the country throughout the holidays, there should be more than enough fun days out for even the most boisterous of boys, allowing you to keep your kids entertained and out of trouble for the entire summer.


  1. Great post! Although we have a daughter and her little sister on the way..I'd love to visit the Howard Castle. Sounds very interesting, along with exploring. I think that's something we would enjoy as a family. I used to love theme parks when I was younger. :)

  2. I love a theme park! I really truly dream of going to Thorpe Park!


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