Thursday, 8 May 2014

Quick Self-Pickled Onions - Jazz Up Your Salad in a Pickle!

Right!  It's Bikini season again!  Back to the salads!


My bikini days are well and truly over - there's not a hope in hell of me ever squeezing my butt back into my bikini.  No thank you!  It's tummy-control and well-tailored, carefully chosen one-pieces for me now.  Possibly covered by a t-shirt.
I do always feel more like a salad once the lighter nights approach and there's something about all that sunshine (har de har) that makes me want to at least pretend that I might wear a bikini again some day.
As a life-long vegetarian, I eat a LOT of salad, so I'm used to finding ways to spice them up.  My favourite at the moment, what with my crazy busy schedule and the fact that my washing basket currently resembles Mount Fuji are these quick and easy self-pickling onions.  Ridiculously moreish and tasty and an amazing alternative to fatty salad dressings - these Quick Self-Pickling Onions will help you out of that dull salad groove in no time!

Best served fresh (cannot really be made up and kept for later else they go a bit soggy), these onions are tangy and feel a lot more indulgent than they actually are.

Simple Ingredients:

1 red onion
A healthy glug Balsamic or Malt Vinegar, depending on preference
Sea Salt


Chop your onion and place it in a bowl.  Pour vinegar in until it half-covers the onions.
Get your hands into that bowl and press the onions in, making sure that all of it gets a good covering. 
Salt the mixture quite well and using your hands again, mix and rub the salt in.
Leave the concoction to stand for about 10 minutes, giving the vinegar and salt time to penetrate and mix with the onion.

Serve over salad leaves or add to a sandwich for an extra kick!  Delicious!

What's your favourite way to perk up your salad?


  1. Replies
    1. Mine is too just thinking about them! I could just eat them on their own! Yum!

  2. Definitely need to try this! I love cured cucumber - take the watery seedy bit out of the middle, chop it up, add some salt a, covefnd leave on the side for a while until the water collects at the bottom. You can wash the salt off, but I kind of like it. It's delicious chucked on a salad

    1. MM! That sounds delicious - thanks for the tip! My mouth is watering at that too - must be the idea of salt that does it :) I'm a sucker for savoury!


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