Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Could you live on £1 a day? I'm going to try!

Her's a startling fact for you.

Did you know that the International Poverty Line has been defined by The  World Bank as $1.25 US dollars per day , as of 2005?

Now I know what you are thinking - $1.25 actually translates quite well in developing countries.

Unfortunately no - that figure is found by using something called Purchasing Power Parity.  That means that if you lived in the US you would only have $1.25 to spend each day. 

In the UK, that equals £1. 

For everything.

Can you imagine having to make £1 cover all of the things you need to get through your day?

And in 2005, our money went a whole lot further than it does today.

How far can you make that £1 go?

1.2 BILLION people have to do that ALL THE TIME.

Can you imagine?


Well, why not give it a go for yourself?

I've been challenged to come up with recipes and tips on how to survive on £1 a day for a fabulous campaign called Live Below The Line

Goodbye Luxuries!
 It's a campaign backed by 35 charity partners, asking people to try Living Below The Line for 5 days to raise awareness about the scale of global poverty.

This year, the campaign will run from 28 April - 2nd May.  You can choose which charity to raise funds for if you decide to face the challenge - and help to make a difference to those who really do have to Live Below The Line.

I shall be attempting to do my bit by raising funds for The Global Poverty Project.  I've made a team called Bloggers and Blethers.  Are you brave enough to join me for the 5 day challenge?

I shall be doing my own challenge from 21st - 25th April, but you don't have to join me on those particular set of dates - you can stick to your own schedule or run on the actual campaign days.

And we are lucky - instead of being challenged to live on £1 for everything the whole day, participants are only being asked to eat for £1 per day.

Over the 5 days I have chosen, I shall be creating a series of recipes that I will be using, costing me no more than £5 for the whole 5 days and documenting my experience of stretching my pound coin.  It's just me and not the kids.  It should be interesting.

Join me!


  1. I've to say that I turned down the challenge. Good luck

  2. That's a shame Solange - I'm just gearing up to get some recipes ready! Thanks for having a look :)


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