Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sun-cream? Today?

Today we needed SUN-CREAM!

We never need sun-cream!

We live in Scotland!

We especially never need sun-cream on Easter Sunday.

Typically, Easter Sunday in Scotland is known as a pishy, rainy kind of day where we drag the kids to our local parks, make them roll their chocolate eggs down a soggy hill, which may or may not be covered in dog poo, take them home, have a re-roll of the egg down the stairs and then sit in, eat too much chocolate and moan at each other.

Not today!

Our family have an amazing auntie, who makes sure that we gather as a family and do lovely family things together.  She, and my lovely Uncle and cousins of course, have us over every holiday to celebrate in many different ways - and Easter is no exception.  We are very lucky that she does all of this for us - we all have an amazing time.
Dave, rocking the bunny look

Today we had an egg hunt (where the kids and adults
foraged wearing bunny masks and little cardboard baskets), 
an egg-and-spoon race and an egg-roll, all accompanied by Auntie M's trademark stand-up buffet meal, including nibbles, pizza and crudites!  We are one very, very lucky family!

Pretty sure Ethan couldn't see!

The kids played in the garden with minimal supervision, the adults joked around and caught up, everyone was chilled and happy.

A HUGE thank you to Auntie M!

'I got TONS of millions of eggs, mum!'


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day & such a cool auntie. We had a good day out too I was shattered when we got home, must have been all the fresh air.

  2. It has been lovely to see the sun this weekend. Looks like a fab party

  3. It was great, Janice! Hope you had a lovely day too. I have a feeling that anyone who could was outside this weekend - we really do see so little of it, it's a novelty when we do!


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