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What's Your Tasty Recipe For A Perfect Morning?

How do you start your day?  I love a good infographic - they are great for working out what's important and where you sit in life, and this one from Jordans about Breakfast and Mornings certainly made me think!

What Fuels Us For the Day Ahead?

Home-made bread always gets turned into toast in the mornings!
In our house, we've been doing a lot of juicing lately (see our Juice Diary post) and feeling great for it.  We've been doing this because, well, our eating habits haven't been great as of late, and Dave and I have been lacking in fruit and veg, plus Dave never eats breakfast, which bothers me - I can't go without something first thing, and always make the kids eat something.  It's always hectic in the mornings, so anything is a bonus.

What's Our Typical Breakfast?  What's Most Important When Choosing Breakfast?

Before re-assessing my diet, I couldn't go without caffeine, usually in the form of tea or a can of something fizzy and caffeinated (bad girl!)  But I'm happy to say that Dave and I now settle on a peppermint tea or glass of water before a nice breakfast juice.  The boys love cereal though - and although Thomas is keen on new things, Ethan, not so much.  He is stuck in the chocolate cereal groove that I wish we had never started him on, and I regret it wholly!  It's so sugary and unhealthy and such a bad start, so we're getting him onto pancakes and yoghurt.  Only slightly better!  Toast always goes down well though - especially when it's home-made bread!

Which Celebrity Would I Most Like To Be Served Breakfast By?

Oh now! Err, Hugh Gosling...I can't choose.  Both?

Yeah, both.  What? It's my fantasy!  I can have both.

How Does My Morning Sound?

Honestly, I usually spend most of my time saying things like 'Hurry up guys' or 'Have you washed your face?' and panicking about things like play-pieces and school photograph forms.  So, realistically, maybe the Benny Hill theme tune would be appropriate.

Otherwise, I'm going with one of three things here:
  1. Frozen soundtrack (Ethan's request, both boys sing, I join in)
  2. Everybody Wants to be a Cat from  Disney's Aristocats.  On Repeat. (Ethan's request, everybody sings)
  3. Let's Get Ready To Rhumble by Ant and Dec. On Repeat. (Tom's request.  He learned it at school.  now Ethan and him shout 'Psyche!' at each other all the time.)
It's a relief when they finally get out of the car.

What Helps Us Get Off To A Good Start?

Honestly - breakfast.  It really does set us all up for the rest of the day.  Without breakfast we all lag behind for the rest of the day!  Oh, and time to have breakfast.  Very important indeed.  a sunny day helps with mood!

What Does The Cost Of A Good Morning Add Up To?


In this house, the cost of a good morning is priceless.  A lie-in (read: any time after 6.30 a.m!) is nice, and we are all a lot happier when well-rested and well-fed; but then who isn't?  I don't know what I'd pay for a lie in - but certainly more than I have in the bank!  I'm sure Dave would pay more!  Our perfect morning is one where we can chill out and do what we like to do.

Check out for more info on how to make your mornings better and have a look at some delicious recipes to get your day off to a positive start!  I can't promise they are going to send you Hugh Jackman or Ryan Gosling though!

**Disclosure: I wrote this post on behalf of Jordans.  I was not required to write a positive review, and any opinions expressed are my own


  1. School photograph form! Good reminder! That is so classic, there's always something like that to remember. Thanks for adding me to your Blog Love list lovely! x

  2. Thanks for popping in :) Nice to see you! There's always something horrible that I should have dealt with the night before, but I was too lazy to bother my butt with.x


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