Saturday, 5 April 2014

Days2 and 3, Eating's Cheating:The Juice Diary

Yesterday and today have been TOUGH!

I think am hungry, I am thinking ALL THE TIME about food, and what my first meal is going to be...going to the supermarket to pick up anything at all is pure torture!

Teasing myself with a picture of this!
I've never been so acutely aware of the smell of food emanating from everywhere - it sure is a great tactic these food places use to lure you in.  I don't think I realised before just how effective it was!

From the smell of fresh-baked bread, rotisserie chicken (I'm a vegetarian by the way) to chip fat from the fish and chip shop and being super-aware of what the kids are eating, I am driving myself crazy thinking about solid food.

Once the cravings finally dissipate (if they ever dissipate!) I think I will feel much better.

I slept better last night than I have for a long time, and my energy levels are really good, despite no caffeine.

Although I did have some gnarly dreams about cheese and woke up half-dreaming that the juicer was already on.


I feel really rested, really fresh and my body feels really settled - it's a nice feeling, and one I haven't felt for a while.

Dave's doing fine.  He is not in love with the green juices, but other than that his willpower is keeping us both afloat at the moment - I think I might have properly caved today if it weren't for him!

We do have a small confession to make though - we have been snaring handfuls of food throughout the day...

...but it's ok!  I had some plain salad last night and Dave's been munching on bananas and oranges.

We figure eating the solid stuff that we would be juicing anyway is not cheating - after all the end goal is to eat healthily, so we're not outdoing ourselves of our end goal, just making getting there a little easier.

We've signed up to the eating plan and joined the community on Reboot With Joe.

Yesterday we watched the docu-film again for motivation and to re-affirm why we are actually doing this!

We are hoping we stop craving food tomorrow!  Here's a motivating video in the meantime:

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